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The small German tire manufactory WOLFPACK TIRES is 

the new coup d'etat by Wolfgang Arenz. 

Since 2005 he develops tires for the major manufacturers and is the 

head behind undisputed benchmark tires. 

Wolfgang Arenz



With his own brand WOLFPACK TIRES, Wolfgang aims to develop the best bicycle tires for the respective application area. To achieve this goal, WOLFPACK TIRES works closely with top athletes and allows their feedback to directly influence the tire development.

Race proven



Wolfgang has been a luminary at Pro-Tour teams for years.

As a pro Team manager once said: "Wolfgang, you're the world tire expert."

WOLFPACK TIRES offers outstanding rubber compounds, optimised tread pattern designs and a revolutionary carcass.

WOLFPACK will offer all products at measured market prices, both online and in selected specialist shops.


german engineering

Wolfgang Arenz has been considered one of the best compounders in the bicycle industry since 2005. His most famous developments at a glance:


His developments are undisputedly regarded as performance benchmarks among bicycle tires.

B**ck (schwarz) Chili Compound

developed for Continental in 2005 and refined until 2011, 

is still the decisive guarantee for the success of Continental's high-quality bicycle tires.


developed for Specialised in 2012 and optimised by 2015

fastest and at the same time particularly handy compound on the market, enabling acceptance and sale of Specialised Top tires at dealerships.

Turbo Cotton, completely self-developed, to this day the fastest racing tire on the market, declared favourite of many professional cyclists.


developed from 2016 to 2017 

Tread compound of the top models from Schwalbe 

Enthusiastic trade press, industry, trade and end customers 

Several different compounds optimize the properties depending on the application.